Not just your typical
coffee house menu...

At “The Tasty Bean”, we pride ourselves on using only top quality ingredients!  We are confident that you will enjoy all of the delicious breakfast and lunch items on our menu.  We are also proud to offer you our home-made goodies, baked fresh daily on premises, including muffins, scones, cookies, and cupcakes!


Our coffee roaster, Intelligentsia, roasts only premium beans, resulting in bold, rich flavor that we know you will savor!  Our Smoothies are made with only 100% fruit and pineapple juice, and no sugar is ever added.


As with anything we do at “The Tasty Bean”, we consider our customers the most important part of our establishment!  If you ever have any special requests or comments, please speak with us or
e-mail your suggestions.


All Fresh & Homemade!

At the Tasty Bean
you will experience...

• Tasty Breakfast Choices

• Garden Fresh Salads

• Specialty Sandwiches

• Sandwich Wraps

• All-Natural Smoothies

• Espresso

• Cappuccinno

• Lattes

• Frappes & More

  • Coffees

    Hot or Iced Coffee
    Small or Large


    The “heart” of the coffee bean. A full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee served in shots  (Always Double)


    Equal parts espresso, steamed milk,
    and frothed milk

    Caffé Latte

    Espresso combined with steamed milk

    Caffé Mocha

    Blended with chocolate and topped with whipped cream & chocolate syrup

    Affogato (Dessert Drink)

    Vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over it.

    Drip Coffee Hot or Iced • Small • Large


    Ice-Blended espresso drink with Milk

    Warm Fuzzy NEW!

    Great for kids! Whole or Skim Milk with any flavor listed (See flavors list). 8 oz. & 12oz. available

  • Your Choice of Flavors

    We only use high quality flavors for our Frappes and coffee drinks. No preservatives, non-artificial made with natural ingredients and gluten-free.

    • Coffee

    • Caramel

    • Vanilla

    • White Chocolate

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter

    • Mocha Coconut

    • Mocha

    • Vanilla Chai

    • Spiced Chai

    • French Vanilla

    • Cookies-n-Cream

    • Java Chip

    • English Toffee

    • Butterscotch

    • Crème Brûlée

    • Macadamia

    • Creme di Caramel

    • Hazelnut

    • Peppermint

    • Peppermint Mocha

    • Nutella

    • Pumpkin Spice

    • Gingerbread

    • Egg Nog

    • Irish Cream

    • Coconut Cream

    • Almond

  • Teas

    Intelligentsia Loose Tea
    • By the cup       • Pots to share

    Loose Teas available:

    • English Breakfast

    • Green Tea

    • Earl Grey

    • Chamomile

    • Regular & Decaf.

    Lipton Regular & Decaf. Available

  • Breakfast All Day!

    Crème Brûlée
    French Toast

    Two thick slices of brioche bread, immersed in our Crème Brûlée

    egg mixture, griddled and topped with our decadent Crème Brûlée

    sauce and garnished with a light dusting of powdered sugar &

    fresh strawberries

    Griddle Cake

    A cinnamon-apple "breakfast cake"‚ griddled and drizzled with our delicious cinnamon-vanilla glaze and complemented with whipped

    cream and an orange slice

    Croque Madame
    A thick slice of brick oven bread, topped with imported ham and Swiss cheese over two fried eggs, and topped with our mouth-watering Mornay sauce (Gruyère cheese)


    Two scrambled eggs served with home-made potatoes with your choice of the following:

    • Bacon & American Cheese

    • Bacon & Cheddar Cheese

    • Monterey Jack & Salsa

    Croissant Sandwich

    Ham, Egg and Cheese with a side of home-made potatoes


    Pork Roll Egg
    & Cheese
    Served with potatoes

    Egg Breakfast Platter NEW!
    Your choice of eggs, toast and potatoes.

    Make it your own...Add cheese, vegetables, or meat.

    Also serving...

    Pork Roll Egg & Cheese (with home-made potatoes)

    Bagels -

    • Plain / Flavored

    • Buttered

    • Cream Cheese

  • Smoothies & Desserts

    ALL-NATURAL • Mix-n-Match

    • Mango

    • Strawberry

    • Raspberry

    • Banana

    • Pineapple



    Baker on premises! Cookies, Cupcakes, Muffins, Scones, Holiday Selections & MORE! Check in daily for your favorites!

     NEW! Healthy Elvis - Bananas, Soy Milk, Granola & Peanut Butter

  • Lunch

    SANDWICHES - All Sandwiches are served  with Chips & Cole Slaw, Couscous, or Potato Salad - ALL Fresh & HOME-MADE!


    Pesto Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich

    A warm filling of fresh mozzarella cheese and basil pesto melted between two pieces of parmesan-cheese-crusted bread and grilled to sheer golden goodness

    Sweet & Savory Chicken Salad Sandwich

    A brioche roll, generously filled with our signature chicken salad.

    Shrimp Salad Sandwich

    A brioche roll filled with shrimp and combined with our delicious salad mixture.


    All served with Homemade Chips and your choice of:

    Couscous, Potato Salad, or Coleslaw

    • Marinated Grilled Chicken

    • Turkey, Cheddar, & Honey Mustard

    • Turkey BLT

    • Roast Beef BLT

    • Roast Beef, Cheddar, & Horseradish

    Roast Beef cooked on premises...YUM!

    Add on Bacon, Cheese, Ham or Turkey  or Roast Beef


    New salad choices coming soon!

    Shrimp Cake Salad

    Two hand-cut and pan seared shrimp cakes resting on a bed of field greens, red pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, crispy bacon crumbles, and showered with vadalia onion dressing

    Chicken Dazzle Salad

    Our signature sweet and savory chicken salad centered around field greens, apple slices, candied walnuts, sweet red grapes, and diffused with our Waldorf dressing

    Grilled Chicken Salad NEW!

    Delicious marinated grilled chicken over field greens, Craisins, strawberries, flavored and sliced almonds, and drizzled with our tasty house dressing

    Ask about our Daily Specials & Soups of the Day

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